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From its very beginning in England the Boy Scout program has been supported by board games and card games. In the early years games were produced by Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. These games were made for the British Scouts, American Boy Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America. Later years they were joined by companies such as Gruhl & Thomas, Maniaworks, Nalpac Corporation, Fox Valley Trails, Cadaco and others. These games were used for fun as well as teaching skills.  

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Toys have been a part of the Scouting experience since the very beginning. Through the years these items have provided fun, excitement, pleasure and instruction to Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and leaders. These include all sorts of kits, instruments, cameras, puzzles, action figures, banks, collectibles and more. Many of these have been produced by the Boy Scouts of America. Others have been made by outside companies working with the program. Still others have been made without the permission of the Boy Scouts of America. It would be impossible to list all of these items. We have provided some items in our gallery to show a small sampling of these items.   
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henry Aldrich - Boy ScoutLIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Since the early teens Scouts have filled the screen with action and excitement. Scouts can be seen in many movies.

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