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Boy Scout "Fieldbooks" 

FIRST EDITION – 1944-1967 – “Scout Field Book” Retired Chief Scout Executive Dr. James E. West and William Hillcourt were the authors of this edition. The cover artwork was done by Don Ross, artist for the Scout Handbook. The book has more than one thousand photographs and drawings. Nearly every idea in the text is illustrated. Chapters include instruction on hiking, camp crafts, wild life, helping others, you and our America. There is a Quick-Index on Advancement and Scout Requirements at the end of the book.




SECOND EDITION – 1967-1984 – “Fieldbook For Boys And Men” Almost a million copies of the first edition were used by Scouts and Scouters. The second edition captured the spirit and flavor of the first and had the latest information on outdoor living. It was carefully planned, written and edited by field and stream experts of the Boy Scouts of America, and it was illustrated with over 1,700 photographs and drawings. There were two different covers for this edition.




THIRD EDITION – 1984-2004 – “Fieldbook” This edition begins to show the changing attitudes toward the impact that we have on the land. Innovations in backpacking equipment have helped to change our camping habits. The information provided through texts and colored photographs helps youth and adults alike to prepare for high adventure and to understand our relationship to all of nature.





FOURTH EDITION – 2004-present – “Fieldbook” Following the changes that began in the third edition, the Boy Scouts of America continues to stress the importance of our impact on the earth. Chapters in this present edition include: Leadership and Trek Preparation; Leaving No Trace; Trek Adventures; Appreciating Our Environment. This book can be a valuable guide to everyone who enjoys the great outdoors.